Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Perfect Run

I started off with the intent to run an easy 7 mile run today. After starting my watch I would not check it again until I arrived back at my apartment. My 7 mile route took me to the lake north or Baldwin on really muddy roads. As the miles flew by I realized I was smiling. 28degrees, no wind, and mud, I couldn't ask for a more perfect run. When the run was over I glanced down at my watch and did some math to see I had averaged 6:12 per mile for 7 miles and wasn't tired, just dirty.

Training is going GREAT! I got in right at 20 hours of training this week. Just two weeks ago I easily won a 5k in trainers, running 16:08. The best news is that Kompetitive Edge is finishing up the logistics of my contract and will be mailing it out soon so I can officially get my sponsors taken care of for 2011!