Thursday, March 28, 2013

Looking Up

 The alarm goes off, and excitement rolls in.  A workout is about to  

 begin.  With two weeks of no training, I have gone through a roller  

 coaster of emotions.  Today is filled with excitement even  

 though a session in the weight room and a thirty minute bike are far  

 from rigorous; it is still a step. 


 It's cold in my room, and my blanket has been kicked to the floor.  I am  

 not sad though, because I have a bed and I have a blanket.  Effort is  

 required to get warm, but God has provided. 


 Out of eggs and bacon for breakfast.  The stomach growls, but no worries  

 as oatmeal and a granola bar will do.  God has provided. 


 I realize it's been several days with no word from a once best friend I  

 reached out to.  Before sadness can creep in, a text arrives from a friend who  

 just was checking in to say hello.  God has a plan. 


 As the days of injury roll on, it is easy to look to the left and say  

 why isn't my blanket on my bed.  Or perhaps to the right, thinking how  

 did I not realize to get more eggs and bacon.  One might even look down  

 when they realize their friendship is not valued equally.  However, this  

 is not how I look.  In all situations, I look UP.  The answer may not be  

 what I want, the decision may not be my first, and while I may be  

 lonely, I am not alone.  Look up, my friends, and thank God because he is  

 providing.  The answers are not at our feet or to our sides, but they  

 come from Christ. 


 With one more week of no running scheduled, I will use all my strength  

 to lift my head and look up.  For guidance, healing, and all that I  

 truly need, I  will look up! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pain is Back

A week ago I believed I was on the road to recovery.  After many failed attempts at swimming and running I will be taking the next 10 days completely off of swimming/biking/running.  For 21 days I will not run at all.  This I hope to be the cure to let my body recover and heal.