Monday, July 12, 2010

4 Minute PR

When it comes to personal records, it is very hard to be discouraged when there is improvement. With a four minute PR, I would be pleased, but I realistically believe I am another five minutes faster than I showed today. My actual bike split was over a minute slower than last year and with the amount of time I have spent cycling compared to last year I find myself very discouraged. In workouts I am putting in more miles, faster times in all of them and feel as fit for triathlons as I ever have.
After my past two races I have felt recovered within just a few minutes as though I am ready to start over and do it again. My conclusion is that training for a full Ironman and competing in Olympic distance triathlons are not a good mix to see success. July 31st I believe with all the hours on the bike, the two-a-day runs, and the smell of chlorine coming off my skin even after I shower due to how much time I am spending in the pool will all pay off with a great race. Even though I am looking forward to the Vineman Ironman, I also look forward to next summer where I can focus on more than one race while bringing home some much needed success. I owe a special thanks to Jim Hallberg for once again allowing me to stay at his house and his coaching has helped me to another personal record.