Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Journey Continues

Taking the initial step into the unknown, I thought was going to be the hardest part of moving to Colorado.  For years I had felt pulled home, closer to family and to the state that I love.  I had known that coming home was the right decision, but knowing the right decision and going through with it are not always a simultaneous act.  I have heard story after story from so many friends, even my closest of friends who are in a tough situation or situation that is far more drastic than just feeling called home.  Yet they struggle to go through with it.  Why is it so hard to take the step that you know is the right one?  Maybe it is leaving some place, some career, or someone who is holding you back or simply not the right place, career, or person to be sharing your life with?

In the book of Matthew after Christ is seen by his disciples walking on water, they question whether it is really their leader.  After they are sure it is Him, Peter asks to join Jesus on the water and walks out to him.  Despite the fear we all have in making a tough decision, Peter too had fear, but seeing Jesus standing firm on the sea he asked to join Him and began walking on water as Jesus was.  The initial courage, perhaps like jumping out of a plane, is easier than the courage it takes to stay committed once one is in free fall. 

So, what happens after you have made the decision and taken the first step, to get out of the boat and walk on the water with Christ?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who keeps the faith, and everything goes according to plan and works out.  But maybe you are like me, struggling in Colorado to still find my way.  While I still stand behind the decision, it does not mean the struggle is not real.  Sinking at times I am reminded by Peter that my eyes must stay fixed on Christ.  In Matthew 14, we are reminded that Christ is here for us and that we should not be afraid to follow our heart.  Second, that when He says to "Come," we need to act and know that He will be with us through the entire journey.  Finally, that if we begin to struggle or sink that we must hold to our faith.  Christ asked, "Why did you doubt?" and in our struggles we must not doubt.  Standing firm in our faith and trusting in Him to our path that He has laid in front of us may be difficult, but refusing to act and follow our hearts will only separate us from Him. 

My advice to you is to first listen to God and trust your heart.  Once you have made the decision, do not hesitate; there is rarely a good time for a tough decision, so acting will begin the tough process but bring happiness all the sooner.  Finally, if things do not go according to plan, do not turn and try to swim back to the boat, for Christ is closer than the boat, and keeping your eyes and heart fixed on Him trusting in your decision and faith in God will deliver you from the sea and to your dreams.

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